Welcome to our winter wonderland!

partygirlChristmas might well be the most magical time of the year, but the combination of central heating, cold weather and sugary seasonal treats can conjure up all sorts of problems for your skin. Fear not – we have a wide selection of treatments and products that can help restore glow and radiance to dull, dehydrated complexions.

In praise of peels
Ideal for combating dullness, a skin peel sloughs away dead cells and promotes natural skin cell turnover. Why not try our new Medik8 Superfacial? This uses natural enzymes to exfoliate the skin, reduce dryness, improve elasticity, boost collagen production, and reduce the appearance of pores, pigmentation and fine lines. There’s no downtime involved, so it can even be performed in your lunch hour. Medik8® offers a comprehensive range of peels, to address different skin concerns, so there really is something for everyone.

If you’re after skin like the A list, try the well-loved A-Lift, which uses a nano-current to stimulate lymphatic drainage, collagen production and muscle firmness. Skin texture is improved and the natural repair process gets a kick-start, leading to healthier, more radiant skin – just in time for Christmas!

Another celebrity favourite, the Hydrafacial, combines six different steps to deliver instant, visible skin refinement, hydration and radiance. It’s also super relaxing! The Hydrafacial is available in a variety of versions (HydraFusion, HydraBright, HydraLight and HydraTight) to target different beauty concerns.

Lighten and brighten
Our beauty treatments work so well they have even been hitting the headlines recently! Last month our lightfusion™ photofacial was featured in the Daily Mail’s Ultimate Guide to Anti-Ageing – scoring 8 out of 10 for effectiveness! Lightfusion™ features a special hydrogel mask and state-of-the-art LED technology, and is clinically proven to treat fine lines and hyperpigmentation; improve skin tone and texture; and reduce inflammation. No wonder it’s proving to be one of our most popular treatments! Daily Mail journalist Anna Maxted commented: “My skin, normally dry verging on flaky, feels beautifully plump, soft and hydrated and my complexion looks brighter.”

Lightfusion™ incorporates the use of Vitage, a high-performance anti-oxidant range that suits a wide variety of skin types and conditions, and can be taken home after treatment to continue your skin health journey. A firm favourite in-clinic is the Medik8® Glow Oil, which deeply hydrates, brightens and nourishes the skin, strengthening and protecting it from environmental damage. We can’t think of a better treat for skin at this time of year!

Have a wonderful December! And Merry Christmas from all of us at Jill Zander!