Tighten up

With summer in our sights, now is the time to lift, tighten and contour your way to a smoother silhouette, as well turning back the clock on sagging jowls and skin.

CoolTech Fat Freezing is a totally non-invasive treatment which targets fat cells, whilst leaving the surrounding collagen and elastic fibres unharmed. By creating a temporary vacuum or ‘freezing’, fat cells are destroyed and then eliminated via the body’s own natural lymphatic system. It can be used to treat the tummy and love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, arms, buttocks and back fat.

Even with a careful diet and exercise, stubborn pockets of pesky fat can be hard to remove. Velashape III combines three modalities – vacuum, bi-polar radio-frequency and infrared light to heat low lying collagen and elastic fibres which reshape and model the body contours. Localised circulation is increased, cellulite is visibly reduced and there is a reduction in the circumference of the area being treated. It also helps to relieve aches and pains and has a noticeable lifting effect.

Endermologie treatment involves the use of rollers and suction which get to work on softening tissue, increasing circulation, breaking down fat and eliminating accumulated water to tone and firm the skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and smooth away lumps and bumps giving a more refined silhouette.

If you are looking for something stronger, VASER Lipo is an alternative to traditional liposuction with much less downtime or recovery and with fewer risks involved. Known as ‘Lunchtime Lipo’, VASER can be carried out in a short time and is useful for targeting stubborn pockets of fat such as back rolls, tummy pouches and saddle bags. It can also be used to carefully sculpt the body, giving more youthful contours.

Exilis Elite uses ultrasound and controlled heating to heat collagen fibres deep in the skin causing collagen remodelling and skin tightening. The heating effect also stimulates lymphatic drainage and localised metabolism which has a detoxifying effect, as well as a reduction in fatty deposits. It can be used almost anywhere on the body including the face where it is excellent at reducing sagging jowls and giving a lifted appearance.

The award winning EndyMedPRO 3DEEP Radiofrequency Skin Tightening treatment is a relaxing, pain-free treatment which has an immediate and long-term tightening and lifting of the face and neck and can even be used on the delicate skin around the eye area to reduce under-eye sagging and improve the contour of the eyes. Wrinkles and lines are reduced, skin is tighter, and the jaw area becomes more defined.

Turn back the years in minutes with the Clear Lift Laser Facelift, a no-downtime, no-pain facial rejuvenation treatment which creates tiny areas of controlled damage to the skin, stimulating the natural healing and rejuvenation processes. The treatment helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation and melasma. Skin is tightened and lifted and left with a more youthful glow. Get ready for the compliments!

Our skilled therapists and medical team can advise the best treatments for your specific needs and create a tailor-made treatment package to achieve your body goals.