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Fat Freezing

Receive £100 off 1 session of Fat Freezing, £200 off 2 sessions and £300 off 3 sessions. Combine your Fat Freezing session with a skin tightening course and receive 50% off skin tightening.

£10 Off LVL

Receive £10 off LVL or individual lash treatments.


Get 25% off Threadlift, which now includes both Silhouette soft and PDO Threads.

Vitamin IV Infusions

Receive 15% off courses of all Vitamin treatments.


View our spring glow offers below, but hurry! all offers expire 16th June 2018.

Smooth For Summer

Ditch the razor in favour of laser!
Prepare for Summer with a course of Laser Hair Removal.

Wave Goodbye To Winter

Say goodbye to the Winter blues! Refresh your complexion for less with the 'Bye Bye Winter Skin'

Bikini Body Sorted

Wear your costume with confidence! Combining science with technology to contour your curves.

Bright & Tight

Lift, tighten and refresh skin whilst reducing signs of pigmentation with our fantastic combination of HydraBright & EndyMed PRO 3Deep. Hydrabright is a unique treatment using Hydrafusion technology to specifically target skin pigmentation, sun damage and uneven skin tone whilst fighting environmental free radical damage. Endymed PRO is an award winning, pain-free and no downtime treatment which works at a deep level to stimulate collagen synthesis and the contraction of elastic fibres to lift, tighten and refresh skin. This powerful combination will result in a firmer, brighter, refreshed and more balanced skin.
SAVE £210
Total Package Value £410
You Pay: £200

Bring Back The Sparkle

Refresh tired eyes thanks to our innovative eye treatment, combining the A-lift, with the ever-popular EndyMed PRO 3Deep iFine. A-list uses a nano-current to stimulate the local circulation of the eye area, causing a reduction in puffiness, an increase in hydration and a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to the iFine handpiece, the incredible benefits of EndyMed can now be felt even in the delicate eye area. Eyes appear lifted, skin is instantly firmer, wrinkles are reduced, and the appearance is of brighter, more youthful and more 'awake' eyes. We can't think of a better combination!
Refresh Tired Eyes, Jill Zander Esher
SAVE £210
Total Package Value £260
You Pay: £150

AQ Age Reversal Facial (Anti-ageing)

Turn back the clock with our powerful anti-ageing facial, which uses the cutting-edge AQ Skin Solution products. These harness the power of human growth factors, to significantly boost cell renewal. This facial starts with a glycolic cleanse and microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells and boost new skin renewal. This is followed by the application of the AQ Skin Solution with microneedling and finished with Dermalux LED Therapy to rejuvenate, repair and reivtalise the skin! Together these help to turn back the clock at a cellular level, leaving skin more elastic, plumper, more hydrated and glowing and stimulate longer - lasting effects of collagen renewal.
SAVE £150
Total Package Value £450
You Pay: £300

Bye Bye Winter Skin

Say goodbye to lacklustre winter skin thanks to the Retinol WOW facial, treating the skin with retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin C and peptides to stimulate cell turnover, remove dead skin cells, hydrate, plump and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is left smoother, stronger, more youthful looking, and with a much-improved texture. The treatment also includes a super relaxing Indian Head massage to deeply hydrate for shiny healthy hair and an overall feeling of well-being. Truly a WOW treatment!
SAVE £70
Total Package Value £160
You Pay: £90
Bye Bye Winter Skin

Bikini Bottom Sorted

Slip into your bikini this summer with complete confidence thanks to our brand-new and exclusive signature treatment, ProSculpt which combines our leading dietary plan, Prolon, with Fat Freezing and Endermologie. Prolon is a nutritionally balanced, doctor led fasting mimicking diet, which provides nourishing plant based foods to optimise weight management, boost the immune system, improve skin health and promote well-being. This is combined with Fat Freezing treatment, which has been designed to target and destroy only fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue undamaged. The fat cells are then eliminated via the lymphatic system, which is further aided by Endermologie which also increases localised circulation and metabolism to help remove toxins. The result? A sleeker, healthier, happier you!
SAVE £450
Total Package Value £1,950
You Pay: £1,500
Beach Body Ready

Smooth For Summer

Ditch the razor and say goodbye to waxing thanks to our Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal system - fast, effective and pain free, the Soprano ICE Platinum can be used on all skin types and most hair colours, leaving skin smooth, hair-free and ready for Summer.
Buy a course of Bikini and receive a course of Underarm FREE. OR buy a course of Lower Leg and receive a course of Bikini FREE.
OR Let us help you create your own bespoke pick & mix laser package!
Pucker Up The Perfect Pout

Pucker Up The Perfect Pout

Ensure your most 'instagrammable' pout with our Glow Lip treatment, starting with a Clearlift treatment to target lip lines and nasal labial folds. The Clearlift treatment stimulates a pain-free controlled healing response in the skin, causing new collagen and elastic fibres to be created to reduce lines and wrinkles around the lips and the naso labial folds. Skin is more youthful, refreshed and lifted. This is followed by the PERK lip treatment, a 'one-stop-shop' of exfoliation, smoothing and plumping for the lips using ingredients such as peppermint oil and peony to achieve the most perfect pout. Get your camera ready!
SAVE £70
Total Package Value £170
You Pay: £100