New TA65 DNA Defender Facial

Hot on the heels of the new CryoPen treatment and Cryo Ice facial, we are excited to introduce the revolutionary new TA65 DNA Defender Facial, which utilises Nobel-prize winning technology to help restore and rejuvenate skin by maintaining the telomeres in our cells.

Telomeres help to protect our chromosomes. As we get older and go about our daily lives, the telomeres shorten and this gives rise to the visible signs of ageing. Telomerase, an enzyme that reduces the degeneration of the telomeres, is found in the unique formula used in the TA65 Facial. This means that the facial can help to improve skin firmness, decrease redness, reduce lines and wrinkles and also help with skin hydration.

Quite an amazing addition to our clinic and one that we are sure you will enjoy! Find out more here