Nano Alert!

Nano masks, the supercharged skin saviours, are packed full of anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, skin plumping and hydrating ingredients to give skin the ultimate quick fix. Set to be the next big thing in beauty, we are very pleased to be offering two of the best nano masks available – the WOW mask by Hyalual and the Stem Cell Glo Facial mask by Stem Cell Beauty Innovations. The WOW mask is truly impactful, delivering soothing, hydrating and antioxidant ingredients rapidly into the skin courtesy of the nano technology that facilitates rapid penetration through the skin. The Stem Cell mask delivers natural ingredients directly where they are needed in the skin to regenerate skin cells, nourish, hydrate and reduce inflammation. Perfect for a quick fix before a big event, an important meeting or when you are travelling to calm irritated skin. Amazing!