Nature Peel Salt Microdermabrasion
Nature Peel Salt Microdermabrasion

Say hello to fresh clear and naturally beautiful skin!

Nature Peel is a completely natural peel which uses soluble, non-toxic salt as a gentle, natural abrasive to remove the top layer of dead cells and to accelerate the renewal cycle of the skin to leave it fresh, clear and beautiful!

Salt has natural healing powers and is therefore great for the skin, also helping to rebalance moisture levels. Following the microdermabrasion, a vitamin based mask that is rich in anti-aging ingredients is massaged into the skin using ultrasound.

What is the Nature Peel used for?
The NaturePeel will breathe new life into your skin and is ideal for the following conditions:
Dull Skin
Lines and wrinkles
Poor skin tone and texture
Hyper pigmentation
How does it work?
The Nature Peel treatment uses natural salt as the abrasive to leave skin beautifully clean and polished. A small hand-piece is passed over the area to be treated which delivers jets of pure salt to remove dead skin cells. After the treatment, the Dermaphoresis mask is applied to the area and massaged using ultrasound. The nutrients in the mask then penetrate deeply and encourage an increase in collagen and elastin production. The result is clean, polished skin that appears tighter, lifted and rejuvenated.
What is involved during the treatment?
Your Aesthetic Therapist will first perform an in-depth consultation and your medical history will be taken, to ensure that there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have the treatment, and you will be asked to sign a consent form at this time which means that you have understood the potential benefits and risks associated. Your Aesthetic Therapist will then take a Visia Skin Analysis of your skin to enable us to create a bespoke programme for you and to answer any questions you may have prior to starting treatment.

The procedure will start with a cleanse of the skin, and then your therapist will pass the tip of the Naturepeel machine over the skins’ surface, creating a gentle vacuum. This will gently exfoliate the skin removing dead skin cells on the surface.

Does it hurt?
The Naturepeel treatment does not hurt.
What is the skin appearance after the treatment?
The skin can appear slightly flushed straight after treatment, but this will generally fade after a few hours of treatment.
When will I see results?
This treatment is meant to be progressive not aggressive. Generally results are more noticeable after the third treatment. After the first session the skin will appear fresher, cleaner, smoother and softer.
How many treatments will I need?
We recommend a course of 6 treatments, intervals between these as per your aesthetic therapist prescription.


Single treatments start from £115.00
Course of treatments start from £575.00

'I've had a number of treatments at the salon, most of which have been brilliant and it's great that they're not surgical or involving needles!' - Sally
‘This machine is amazing! My bikini line was full of ingrown hairs (and scars from picking them) and after a course of Soprano XL it looks as through I’ve never had an ingrown hair before. I can swim without having to think about shaving or waxing and I wonder how I ever found the time before – thank you to the Jill Zander team.’ - T.M, Hampton Court
'A great range of non surgical treatments available which are always very clearly explained. Great results too!' - Emma
'I absolutely love what Jill Zander have done for me. I feel my face is fresh, clear and uplifted without looking in the least 'false'. They enable you to be the very best you can be whilst being as natural as possible, with no fuss and no down-time.' - Lesley
'After trying a lot of different treatments in Denmark I really didn't see any improvement in my skin, but after seeing Emma at Jill Zander I now see a big improvement in my skin. Emma has created a special package for me and I'm so pleased with my skin now. I look younger and healthier.' - Christina