Environ Cool Peel
Environ Cool Peel

The Cool Peel uses Lactic acid to repair and encourage exfoliation, to reveal fresh and more youthful looking skin. It is a pain free and no downtime treatment.

This treatment is great for those with photo-damaged skin or those with problem skin or excessive redness. The peel strength can be varied, allowing for a tailored approach.

The peel is lactic acid based which enables measurable results to be achieved whilst caring for the epidermis.

What is the Cool Peel used for?

  • Help problem skin such as acne
  • Promote collagen formation
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Help skin which is prone to redness
  • Help improve the texture of sun damaged skin
How does it work?
The treatment involves the use of the Ionzyme DF II Machine (the most advanced of its kind in the world) which is the first machine that combines active Sonophoresis (a sound wave that can transport vitamin molecules through the skin at a much deeper penetration rate than conventional ultrasound) and intensified Iontophoresis (an electrical current which ensures even greater penetration of ingredients into the skin).
Does it hurt?
Not at all, this treatment is very comfortable and relaxing.
How long does the treatment last?
30 minutes
What is the skin’s appearance after the treatment?
The skin could appear slightly flushed, but in most cases it just has a lovely glow.
When will I see results?
Results are progressive but you will notice a difference in the skin immediately after treatment.
How many treatments will I need?
For optimum results, we recommend a course of 6 treatments, taken at intervals prescribed by your aesthetician.


Single treatments start from £60.00
Course of treatments start from £300.00

'Have been coming here for 15 years and now travel from London just to see Jill! I totally trust her.' - Sarah
'I've had a number of treatments at the salon, most of which have been brilliant and it's great that they're not surgical or involving needles!' - Sally
‘This machine is amazing! My bikini line was full of ingrown hairs (and scars from picking them) and after a course of Soprano XL it looks as through I’ve never had an ingrown hair before. I can swim without having to think about shaving or waxing and I wonder how I ever found the time before – thank you to the Jill Zander team.’ - T.M, Hampton Court
'I absolutely love what Jill Zander have done for me. I feel my face is fresh, clear and uplifted without looking in the least 'false'. They enable you to be the very best you can be whilst being as natural as possible, with no fuss and no down-time.' - Lesley
'A great range of non surgical treatments available which are always very clearly explained. Great results too!' - Emma