LVL Enhance Lashes

LVL Enhance Lash is an innovative new treatment from Nouveau Lashes which straightens your natural lashes at the root – creating the effect of longer, lifted lashes – with no need for extensions.

The treatment takes just 40 minutes, and includes a lash tint that creates a mascara-like effect to maximise the wow factor. The results are immediate, and your lashes remain this way for six to eight weeks.

How does it work?
Using a special technique, the lashes are straightened from the root (unlike with a lash perm), so lashes immediately look longer and are lifted. The added combination of a lash tint gives a mascara-like effect so lashes look great from the moment you wake up. There is no need for extensions, adhesives or even mascara!

What is involved during the treatment?

An in-clinic patch test is performed 48 hours before the treatment to make sure you are not allergic to any of the lotions, serums or tints.

Your therapist begins by cleaning your lashes, and then applies a shield over your lower lashes to make sure they are protected from the solution. You then close your eyes over the shield, and keep your eyes closed for the rest of the treatment.

Silicone shields are applied to your upper lids. The lashes are gently pulled up onto the shield, and the lotion is applied to the roots. This is left on to set for around 10 minutes, and is followed by a neutraliser. The treatment is finished with a tint to darken the lashes.

When will I see results?
The results are immediate and should last for six to eight weeks.

Does it hurt?
No – the LVL Lash treatment is a relaxing, pain-free treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
You will only need one treatment and you are ready to go! Since results last for six to eight weeks, we recommend repeat treatments as and when required.


LVL Enhance Lashes £60.00
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