Laser Hair Removal – the ultimate guide!

All women out there know (and many men too) that the time, effort and money required to remove unwanted body hair is immense! Plucking, shaving, waxing, depilatory creams – all costly and time consuming techniques which are only temporary. The solution? Laser Hair Removal – a cost effective, safe, time saving, long lasting, no downtime way to ensure that pesky body hair is removed permanently. It means smooth legs, clear bikini line and no hairy underarms long term!

Recent years have seen a huge leap forward in terms of safety and efficacy within laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can now be used for nearly all skin types and hair colours.

How does it work? Laser energy is attracted to pigment or the melanin in the hair follicle. As the laser is passed over the skin, the energy moves down the follicle and heats it. This damages it, preventing it from further growth. Since hair grows in cycles, laser hair removal treatments need to be scheduled over a period of weeks to ensure that each hair follicle gets targeted at least once in the right stage of growth for maximum efficacy.

Why can’t all hair colours be treated?

Blonde, red, white or grey hairs sadly can’t be removed with laser. Why? Because the laser light targets the pigment in the hair and where there is little or no pigment, there is nothing to absorb the energy. The optimum conditions for laser hair removal are where there is a big contrast between skin and hair colour i.e. pale skin and dark hair. If you have dark skin and dark hair, then it’s best to plump for ND:YAG lasers which have a longer wavelength. This reduces the incidence of laser light being attracted to the skin rather than the hair, thereby preventing any burns.

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal and Elite MPX Laser Hair Removal

We like to keep up to date with the latest, safest and most effective technologies on the market, so we have chosen two laser hair removal systems that give the optimum range of treatments with long lasting results. Both the Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal and the Elite MPX laser hair removal systems combine the world’s most advanced technologies for laser hair removal.

The new Soprano ICE is an in-motion laser, perfect for thick, stubborn hairs. It is virtually pain free and can be used as little as two weeks after a holiday in the sun.

The Elite MPX is a unique system combining two lasers – one for lighter skins and one for darker skins. The combination of these lasers enables us to develop a program that will work on all skin types and most hair types – thick, thin, dark blonde, brown and everything in between.

So for a bespoke laser hair removal treatment, which incorporates your unique skin/hair type combination, we have it covered! Look forward to freedom from removing body hair!

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