Goodbye orange peel!

Cellulite – the very word has us cringing, and yet it is such a common occurrence, affecting over 85% of the female population. So, what is it and how can we blast away that orange peel effect?

Cellulite appears when normal fat is pushed up against connective tissue, causing the skin above to pucker or bunch up, giving that annoying orange peel look. Women’s connective tissue is aligned in a different way to men’s, so it is women that get affected most. The appearance of cellulite can be affected by a number of factors : diet, slow metabolism, hormone changes, genetics,  dehydration, total body fat, thickness and colour of your skin.

So what’s the best way to minimise the look of cellulite?

First up is the award winning Velashape III, a cellulite and fat busting body contouring technology which combines Infrared, Bipolar and vacuum to deeply heat the fat and stimulate the local metabolism to reduce fatty deposits and increase the drainage of fluid. It also trengthens the connective tissue so that the cellulite appears less and the legs or treatment area are smoother and more toned. Kim Kardashian loves the treatment and we have to say her legs look pretty fantastic!

Mesotherapy has long been used in the battle against cellulite, and our Eliance Mesotherapy is a very safe and effective treatment that uses multiple micro injections of products that specifically target fatty deposits and cellulite.   It’s virtually pain free and highly effective – a course is normally needed and you will see results about a week after treatment. The French swear by Mesotherapy, so if you are looking to be a bit more Brigitte Bardot this summer, this might be the perfect way.

Here at Jill Zander, we love the Body Ballancer Lymph Drainage , a fabulous way of eliminating pesky water retention, boosting the local circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage and decreasing weight. By stimulating and helping the lymphatic system, accumulated fluid which adds to the appearance of cellulite is eliminated along with toxins which could cause inflammation and fluid retention. It’s also a really relaxing treatment : relax and walk away slimmer – we couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon!

If laser is more your thing, why not try our SmoothShapes Laser Cellulite Reduction which targets the fatty deposits using laser and light therapy combined with vacuum suction. This potent combination heats up the fat cells, liquefies their contents, makes their cells permeable and eliminates the fat from the area to be excreted from the body. Not only does it help smooth the skin and reduce the cellulite, but it also strengthens the collagen fibres so the skin is firmer and less likely to show cellulite. An all-round winner!

Of course it is not just treatments that are going to help remove cellulite and keep it away, but also a diet rich in natural and healthy ingredients (junk food = cellulite ), a reduction in sugar intake (sugar reduces circulation, increases fatty deposits and weakens the elastin fibres of the skin) and a good intake of water to flush toxins through the body and keep the lymphatic drainage system at it’s peak performance. May, our resident nutritionist, can guide you as to what you should be eating and which supplements are going to help manage cellulite. Find out more here

Look forward to a cellulite free Summer!