Banish Those Lines & Wrinkles


Lines and wrinkles on the face and neck are one of the first signs of ageing and can make us look so much older than we feel. Often starting in our twenties, these lines usually appear first on the delicate skin around the eyes as crow’s feet, and on the forehead as expression lines, and gradually get deeper and more profound over time.

Elastic fibres in the skin, such as elastin and collagen, start to degrade in our twenties, as well as the natural reduction in hyaluronic acid, the substance which provides turgor and hydration for the skin. As a result, skin loses its ability to ‘bounce back’ as easily and this is when lines and wrinkles start to develop, especially in the areas which have the most movement. Help is at hand, however, and we have rounded up our favourite ways to banish the lines!

Our Stay Young Non-Surgical Face-Lift is the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of a facelift without the invasive surgery. Using a micro-current which sends tiny electrical impulses through the skin, the Stay Young technology results in a stimulation of local circulation, an increase in lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins and an increase in collagen production. It smooths lines and wrinkles, reduces puffiness, lifts sagging muscles and enhances the skin tone. Skin looks plumper, firmer and more youthful.

The Clear-Lift Laser Facelift can take years off your face in a matter of minutes and is often known as the ‘Lunchtime Facelift’. The laser causes tiny areas of localised damage which stimulate a healing response, triggering a tightening of elastic fibres and new elastic fibres to be created in the skin. This causes a lifting and tightening of the skin, a reduction of lines and wrinkles and less pigmentation. We see a more radiant, refreshed, younger looking skin – perfect!

Award winning Legato Fraction RF Skin Resurfacing uses a combination of iPixelRF and IMPACT Ultrasound acoustic vibrations to rejuvenate skin. The iPixel moves across the skin creating tiny microchannels. The ultrasound then helps the penetration of active ingredients through these microchannels which get to work on stimulating elastic fibre renewal, resulting in the reduction of scarring, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and stretch marks.

Botox, an anti-ageing injectable, can be used to temporarily freeze the facial muscles underlying the lines and wrinkles. This results in less movement, and a softening of the lines and wrinkles making them less apparent. In addition, it can help prevent future wrinkles. Careful administration of Botox by our medical team can help to reduce crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, neck lines and chin dimples. We will work with you to create a natural look for a more youthful you!

Remember that a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits, as well as effective sun protection, a reduction in sugar intake and no smoking, can all help to keep skin from premature ageing.