Summer time and the living is easy!

The perfect time of year to rest and recharge ready for the coming months … and if you’re off to sunnier climes with just sun, sand and sea on your mind, we have the perfect combination of treatments and products to ensure that your skin is prepped, protected and perfected so you can keep your holiday glow long after your return.

Good preparation is key

Exfoliate and hydrate skin from the outside in with the much loved celebrity favourite, Hydrafacial, and from the inside out by eating skin hydrating foods such as leafy greens and watermelon. Tighten and lift the skin on the face and around the delicate eye area with the award winning EndyMed Pro FSR which also helps tackle pigmentation thanks to its collagen stimulating and rejuvenating effects. You might also want to try our Endybleph treatment, combining our Stay Young non surgical eye lift with the EndyMed PRO 3 Deep iFine , a potent mix of treatments which reduces puffiness, increases circulation, strengthens the muscles around the eyes and reduces the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles…. Now that’s got to be a winner!

If you fancy adding some volume to your lips or cheekbones with Dermal Fillers or feel that you would like to tighten and lift the skin on your face and neck with a Thread Lift, then Dr Meriem Martins can work her face sculpting magic.

To deeply hydrate the skin, we recommend the Image Ormedic mask or Vital C hydrating serum.

Prevent and protect

We are firm believers in prevention is better than cure, so upping the sun protection during the summer months ( and keeping your face out of the sun as much as possible) is super important to avoid the damaging effects of UV light. We love Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action Protection SPF.

Don’t forget that UV light triggers a cascade reaction that leads to the formation of free radicals. These pesky molecules are responsible for damaging cells and DNA which leads to many problems in the skin, both visible and non visible as well as accelerating ageing. To help fight free radicals, antioxidants are vital. You can eat your antioxidants with a diet rich in vegetables and fruit such as berries, and we also highly recommend a topical antioxidant which can be used in combination with an SPF or after sun exposure, such as ZO Daily Power Defence.

Replenishing lost moisture is essential for the skin after time spent in the sunshine. Be sure to keep your intake of water high and apply Elizabeth Arden Pro Cellulaire Recovery serum (repairs DNA Damage) or a hydrating mask such as the Vitage hydrating mask or the SCBI Nano masks or Elizabeth Arden Pro Replenishing mask. . You could try the Radara patches to add an extra hydrating dose of Hyaluronic Acid to the eye area to keep the delicate skin in perfect condition.

… And there you have it … Your fail safe guide to glowing summer skin!